Big Brother 2014: Ash Harrison rethinks his feelings for Helen Wood

Big Brother Summer 2014

It seems that Ash Harrison is having second thoughts about his feelings for Helen Wood on Big Brother 2014.

Despite the pair kissing (and allegedly doing a bit more...) he isn't sure if a relatioship is on the cards.

Quizzed by newbie Zoe last night, Ash stuttered: "If I was in this situation... I'm a hopeless romantic me, so if I was in this situation in a different situation, I'd think this is mint but I don't think of it like that."

Zoe told him: "Don't lead her [Helen] up the garden path, I'm not saying that you are..."

Although really, you are Zoe, aren't you?

Ash continued: "We just have a laugh and stuff, we're dead close, I know we've been kissing under the covers and stuff... f**ks sake. When I think about it... f**k.

"I don't want to think about it, but s***t. It's awesome if you want to be with someone..."

Zoe warned him about Helen, as if Ash hadn't been living with her for the past two months: "From what I've seen she's the worst person you want to hurt."

Ash insisted: "I don't want to hurt her because shes one of my best mates."

But, it seems, nothing more.

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