Big Brother 2014: Steven Goode tells haters to 'do one' after disastrous Q&A

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Big Brother's Steven Goode has hit out at the 'haters' after an hilariously bad Facebook Q&A.

Over 1,000 BBUK fans gave Steven their questions via the official Channel 5 BBUK page and it's fair to say that most weren't positive.

The supposed businessman didn't bother to reply to most, answering just over 20 questions in all.

Some of the most popular questions that Steven didn't answer included: "Are you aware of how controlling and selfish you are?", "Why did you get annoyed with Ashleigh for nominating you when you had previously nominated her?", "Why are you such an obnoxious, arrogant and self opinionated person?" and "Did mummy Goode never teach you any table manners talking with your mouth full is disgusting?"

Others were a bit more blunt, with further questions including: "Y u such a bell end??" and "Are u as creepy as you seemed on tv ?"

While those Qs were all snubbed, Steven did reply to a one viewer asking: "I love you so much Steven. Do you love me?" so that's something.

And Steven did respond to some select criticisms, writing: "Yes, I'm cringey. Yes, I'm cheesey. And I'm bloody proud of it!"

However he ended up ignoring the rest and complaining: "Thanks for all your fabulous comments, some of which I can't be even be bothered to dignify with an answer!

"To the haters - do one. To the lovers - love you too. Please follow me on Twitter to keep in touch."