Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Who won dance off challenge?

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The Big Brother 2014 housemates competed in a dance off battle yesterday but who won?

In the new task, Housemates became two different dance crews and had to battle it out for their crew to win a Vegas themed party.

Zoe acted as head coach and helped to teach the two dance crews:

Elite Street crew – Ash, Ashleigh, Christopher and Mark

Foot Soldier crew – Winston, Pav, Chris and Helen

With help from Zoe, the Housemates had to perfect twelve different dance moves which they must try and recreate before putting into a routine.

The dance moves appeared in video form which will had been pre-recorded by professional dancers.

During the rehearsal period, Zoe spent an equal amount of time with each crew helping them with their routines.

Once rehearsals were done, the two crews assembled in their costumes in the living area to battle it out.

The two performances were then be posted online yesterday afternoon for the public to vote on which of the crew’s performance is the best.

In the evening, Big brother announced that ELITE STREET had won the viewer vote.

As a result, Ash, Ashleigh, Christopher and Mark enjoyed the Vegas party while Winston, Pav, Chris and Helen - the losing crew - became their waiting staff serving them food and cocktails.

The task will air in tonight's highlights show at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the task here...

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