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Here's your daily spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

Today, Pav, Zoe, Steven and Ashleigh all face the public vote. Pav tells Zoe that he’s “shi**ing my bo**ocks” about the eviction but Zoe is not nervous. She reveals she’s “not a panicky person” adding, “I’m used to this…I’ve dealt with this type of feeling all my life…I’ve been voted for…I’ve been through all them emotions before…” Pav suggests, “it’s a proper push on your emotions…there’s no room to breathe” Winston advises Pav to prepare himself for possible eviction, “otherwise it will be a massive shock”

Steven tells Big Brother that he’s “had a really good experience and met some amazing people” during his time in the House. He goes on to say that this week has been “difficult” because Kimberly had to leave, adding that he misses her and “this is the first eviction I’ve come into, where if I go, it’s not going to be a negative…I’ve got my family and I’ve got Kim outside so I can’t ask for anything more than that”

Ashleigh tells Chris that Helen suggested the public only voted for her to be Power Housemate because she wanted to go and was likely to be ruthless.

A calm and relaxed Ash is called to the Diary Room where Big Brother reveals he must become Angry Ash for today’s task. Firstly, Ash has to get angry with Winston for wearing his clothes. He then has to pick a fight with Helen. Helen is not interested in a fight and jokingly remarks, “I think someone needs a fu*king tampon!” For the final part of the task, Ash must have a full blown tantrum but Winston suggests that his anger could be because he hasn’t had a wa*k in the House. Despite his best efforts, Ash failed his task and has to give his pizza reward to his fellow Housemates.

As it starts to rain in the garden, Steven Winston and Christopher all jump into the pool. In the bedroom, Mark comments that Christopher never takes his top off because he is self conscious. Zoe says, “it breaks my heart”

Mark tells Christopher that he needs to get over his body issues saying, “You’re a good looking lad, you’ve got everything going for you” He goes on to say that his biggest insecurities are “me hair, me eyebrows, me teeth, me tan and me outfit” adding that “every time I look in the mirror I feel like the Jolly Green Giant because me teeth look like sweet corn…” On his insecurities, Mark adds “I have faced them head on and I feel better for it”

Steven, Ash and Helen discuss the back, sack and crack waxing technique. Steven reveals that he prefers to shave and Ash admits that he cut his bo**ocks using Steven’s shaver, to his disgust

Zoe and Mark help Christopher prepare for the evening’s eviction by making him over. He describes himself as looking “like Denise Welch”

Chris talks to Big Brother about Steven and his lack of understanding about the Power Alliance task. He says the “self importance” of Steven makes him go back to square one and think “oaf” Chris then rants, “it always came back to me, me, me, me…he’s singing from a different hymn sheet spelled H.I.M…He doesn’t have any concept that it’s not personal, it’s just a matter of elimination….He is the centre of the f**king universe…that guy is such a t*t…it’s so embarrassing and I felt so sorry for him and he keeps fu*king it himself over again and again and again…what an absolute plonker of a human being”

The Housemates have been gathered for this week’s eviction. After Zoe is saved, Pav hears the crowd chant, “Get Pav out”, which clearly upsets him. The ninth Housemate to be evicted is Steven, causing Helen to burst into tears. Before leaving, Steven tells the Housemates that he “will be rooting for all of you in my own way”

Later that evening, Helen says that she’s “happy for Ashleigh” and that “she got cheers because she’s not babysitting her grandma anymore”, referring to Danielle. When Ashleigh joins the group, Helen tells her that she thinks she’ll be in the final and Ash says, “Even if you got boos, I’m dead happy you’re happy and want to stay now” before adding that’s he’s gutted that Steven has left.

Helen is talking about Steven in the garden and says, “Even when he was asleep, he was funny! He’s literally the best friend you could ever have” Chris comes up to talk to Helen privately and says that he’s really confused by the situation and sad that Steven has left. A tearful Helen remarks that “I don’t think I’ll miss anyone as much as I’ll miss him…the House won’t be the same without him”

In the bedroom, Mark is talking about Steven and saying, “he’s going to be having the time of his life out there” when Helen bursts into tears in the bathroom, comforted by Ashleigh.

In the bedroom, Helen, Zoe and Chris join the other Housemates to perform a rendition of “Mr Brightside”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM.

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