Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood threatens to beat up anyone who boos her

Big Brother Summer 2014

Helen Wood has vowed to beat up any one who boos her when she leaves Big Brother 2014.

The BBUK housemate threatened to "punch someone's f**king lights out" if she leaves the house to jeers.

Speaking after Steven Goode's eviction last night, Helen told Mark Byron: "I so underestimated how you felt the week Matthew went."

Later, Helen broke down again over the eviction result, telling herself: "Oh my God, get a grip!"

She went on to say: "I hate that he's been quizzing how he's been feeling, that's what hurts. I hate the fact he's sat there questioning his behavior and doubting himself. He's got no idea what a nice guy he is."

And Helen, who last week branded the public "b***ards" after voting Biannca Lake out, once again turned on the viewers.

She ranted: "I hate them being horrible.

"I've never felt so angry at people that boo people.

"If they f**king boo me when I get out of here, I'm going to be f**king jumping in the f**king crowd punching someone's f**king lights out.

"I can't be doing with it."

She added to Mark and Ashleigh Coyle: "Do you know what makes me sick? They want to see you not confident.

"What are you doing with your f**king life? How is that entertaining?"

BB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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