Big Brother 2014: Pav Paul worries after surviving eviction

Big Brother Summer 2014

Pav Paul has admitted he's nervous after being saved from eviction on Big Brother 2014 tonight.

Steven Goode was evicted from the house in last night's Big Brother 2014 results after facing the public vote alongside Pav, Ashleigh Coyle, and Zoe Birkett.

He admitted afterwards in the Diary Room after being booed by the eviction crowd: "Im slightly concerned or confused about the crowds reaction of myself.

"And I'm nervous because Steven's very popular and I think a lot of the people in that room wanted me to go."

Indeed, just outside the Diary Room, Ash and Chris admitted they were surprised that Pav had not been evicted, especially after the crowd's reaction.

"I'm all like conflicted about it because I don't think it's fair. That's not at all how that should've gone. It's pissed me off in a massive way and now I'm really torn," Chris complained.

He added of the two new housemates Pav and Zo: "If people don't like them why are they here?"

Meanwhile, the cheers for Ashleigh saw both Helen and Ash rush to call her a pal.

"I well get on with Ashleigh now," Ash said in the garden. "I'm genuinely pissed off that I've had six weeks of not getting on with her."

Helen added: "I'm happy for Ashleigh, I'm really, really happy. How ironic is it the week she gets the cheers this week.

"She's being her and normal now, which she should have done."

Helen claimed: "I've got in with her since day one. She's not baby sitting her grandma anymore.

"She was protecting the main s**t stirrer, and the trouble maker which was Danielle."

Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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