Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood in tears over Steven Goode eviction

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Helen Wood has been left in tears over last night's Big Brother 2014 results which saw Steven Goode given the boot.

Steven was evicted from the house in tonight's Big Brother 2014 results after facing the public vote alongside Ashleigh Coyle, Pavandeep Paul and Zoe Birkett.

After leaving to boos, Steven told Emma: "I thought my time had come, I would've liked to make the final but I'm happy to be out."

Back in the house however and Helen was certainly not happy that Steven had left.

Sobbing on the sofa as the likes of Ashleigh, Pav and Zoe celebrated staying for another week, Helen said: "I'm absolutely gutted... I knew I would be."

She told Ash: "I just didn't think he were going.

"I hope Kim's there for him."

But once BB had provided the group with alcohol the mood was much lighter, as the group gave a toast to 'two second Steve'.

And Ash rejoiced: "You can actually talk about Steven and Kim now they're not here!"

Newbie Zoe was quick to spill the beans on the pair's love making as she saw before entering, telling the group: "She was just sat there and not giving back, he was really trying. You could see the feet at the bottom of the bed."

Meanwhile, on Bit On The Side, Steven refused to comment on just what he meant by his request to Kimberly to 'Open It' during one of their late night fumbles.

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