Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Ash Harrison fails his secret task

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ash Harrison has failed his secret mission in the BBUk house this afternoon.

Earlier today, Ash was called to the Diary Room where Big Brother gave him a secret mission where he would become ‘Angry Ash.’

BB instructed Ash to ditch his calm bravado if favour of some Hulk-like anger with his fellow Housemates.

Ash was given the following tasks without getting rumbled in order to pass the overall challenge:

1. Ash had to get angry with Winston and accuse him of stealing an item of clothing

2. Ash had to get angry with Pav about copying him all the time

3. Ash had to get get angry and win an argument with Helen

But - perhaps fearing getting on the wrong side of Helen - Ash failed the task.

He failed to get sufficiently angry with his fellow Housemates and did not throw a tantrum to Big Brother's satisfaction and therefore won nothing from BB.

Watch a clip of the task below...

The task highlights will air in tomorrow night's (Saturday's) highlights show.

BB continues this evening at 9PM on Channel 5.

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