Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 50 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled look at tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights as housemates complete their latest shopping task.

Winston and Ash start the day with a song. Ash brushes his teeth in the bathroom while Winston showers as they sing ‘Mr Brightside’.

Pav tells Steven he’s not integrating with the group as well as Zoe and other Housemates and asks Steven for some advice. Steven admits that while he would happily go for a drink with him on the outside world, he also thinks he is playing a game in the House. Pav readily admits that his VT gave the impression that he wants to manipulate people but insists that his intentions changed when he entered the House.

For the next round of this week’s shopping task, one Housemate must try and keep calm while another, from the opposing team, tries to raise their heart rate using the tactics of scare/arousal/verbal. What the Blue Team don’t realise is that the game is rigged for the Red Team to win.

For the final part of the shopping task, the Blue and Red teams must take part in an endurance test – the first genuine task of the day. All the Housemates must hold their hands over a gunge pipe for as long as possible. Steven is the first Housemate to release the gunge despite claiming he “could stay here all night”. Winston is the last Housemate to release the pipe meaning the Red Team wins the task. Big Brother reveals the secret twist to all the housemates that the task was rigged in the Red team’s favour and that as they got the Blue’s to loose the final task all Housemates will all be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget.

In the garden, Ashleigh is dong Helen’s hair and Helen predicts that Ashleigh will be in the final, noting that “things have changed in the last week” Ashleigh observes that it’s “scary” how certain circumstances make people react in different ways and Helen admits, “I’ve looked at loads of stuff I’ve done and said and thought, ‘What?!’”

Mark tells Steven that he feels like he’s “living in fu*king limbo land” following Matthew’s revelations about Pav. Discussing Zoe, Steven admits that he thinks she’s “great…I can’t understand how anyone could say anything so negative about her” They go on to talk about Pav and how he came in with a game plan but changed his mind when he came into the House. Steven says that they will be able to judge from the crowd response on eviction night

Mark and Christopher are discussing Zoe when the conversation moves onto Matthew’s revelations earlier in the week. Mark refuses to tell Christopher what was said which clearly annoys him. He suggests that Mark is treating him like “a seven year old child” but Mark insists that anything he does is “for your own good”. Mark leaves the conversation abruptly and Christopher remarks to Ashleigh that he makes “mountains out of molehills”

Zoe and Ash discuss the other Housemates and she comments that everyone in the House is really successful adding, “If they’d have put me in a House with normal people who are like, ‘I work in Tesco’ or whatever, that’s fair enough but for me, I would have too many stories, too much life experience…”

Steven talks to Christopher about his Big Brother experience and admits, “It’s been the biggest emotional journey of my entire life” Christopher tries to talk about his experience but Steven presses on, admitting “I don’t give a sh*t about what anyone else thinks…I’m me and if you don’t like me, don’t talk to me”

Most of the Housemates are in the bedroom. Zoe hides herself under the covers in Steven’s bed. As he walks towards the bed, Steven gives his best Tom Jones impression, singing ‘She’s A Lady’ before Zoe jumps out of the bed and scares him. All the Housemates are laughing.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room talking about her relationship with Chris and how she didn’t feel like they would be friends but he is not like your typical 33 year old.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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