Big Brother 2014: Kimberly Kisselovich not pregnant - BB gave her protection!

Big Brother Summer 2014

Kimberly Kisselovich has declared she's not pregnant, revealing that Big Brother provided herself and Steven Goode with protection.

Speaking after her surprise exit at the house at the weekend, Kimberly hit back at the claims she was carrying Steven's baby after the pair fumbled about in the bedroom.

She said: “I can assure you we used protection. I went to the diary room and Big Brother gave me condoms.

“That was a bit awkward but it was OK."

Discussing her departure from the show on medical grounds, Kimberly explained that doctors were unsure what was wrong.

“I saw a doctor several times in the house and was really scared when they said they wanted to take me straight to hospital," she said. "I’ve never been so ill that I’ve had to stay in hospital.

“I’ve got to have more tests but at the moment I’m so full of anti- biotics they are affecting the results, so I have to wait for those to leave my system.”

Talking about the topic of sex in the house, Kimberly went on to tell the Daily Star newspaper today: “I don’t see why there’s been such a kerfuffle about it.

“We thought about other places we could have sex but we couldn’t come to a conclusion about where the best place would be – there was nowhere to hide.”

And she also defended 'two second Steven's love making skills, telling the newspaper: "I know how long it lasted so I’m not really bothered.

“Big Brother was never going to show all of it. But I certainly wasn’t disappointed in that department.”

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