Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did housemates pass secret shopping task?

Big Brother Summer 2014

The latest Big Brother 2014 shopping task is over, but did housemates pass?

For this week’s shopping task, Big Brother wanted to test whether one team of Housemates could be turned into ‘Losers’.

Big Brother will divided Housemates into the Red Team and the Blue Team:

Red Team (The Winners)

Blue Team (The Losers)


The two teams competed against each other in a series of head to head challenges, with the winners receiving a luxury shopping budget. However, what the Blue team didn’t know was that the real shopping task was called ‘Losers’, and Big Brother had rigged all but one of the rounds so that the Red Team won every time.

The real task was for the Red Team to irritate and annoy the Blue Team, so that as they stacked up their victories, the Blue Team lose all faith in their ability to win.

The final challenge was a fair won which both teams had a chance of winning.

Each Housemate put their hand up to hold a bucket full of gunge in place. The moment they released their hand then they get gunged. The last player to stay dry wins.

The Red Team winners knew that their task is to win, but if the others endure for longer than 30 minutes then the overall task would be failed.

In the last task, the Red team won and therefore passed their secret task and won a luxury shopping budget for the whole house.

Watch the messy highlights at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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