Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood cries after her bitching is revealed

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Helen Wood breaks down in tears on tonight's Big Brother 2014 after her bitching is exposed.

As part of the week's shopping task there is a Diary Room game which is a buzzer quiz between Ashleigh and Christopher. The aim of the game is for Ashleigh and Chris to guess which quote can be ascribed to which Housemate.

Quotes included Helen saying: "I was very wary of Zoe, she did cast her opinion of Steven and Kimberly’s relationship straight away."

And: "He thinks he’s dead unpopular, he’s done it to make people laugh, he’s dying for the public to like it so much."

As well as: "I just think, what a f**king tramp, I know it sounds awful cos they’ve done it and they’re together and all that, I just think f**king hell."

After the task, Helen told Steven: "That has have never left my mouth, I’ve never said those words.’

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Helen cries as she assures Steven that she hasn’t said any of those things. Steven says: "I know you wouldn’t say that."

Helen then goes to the Diary Room to talk about the revelations. Big Brother asks Helen how she is and she says she’s had ‘better nights.’

Big Brother assures her that all the quotes were correct, she says that her comments have hurt someone she didn’t want to hurt and that she was just being a d**k. She says she’s not arsed about the rest of the house but she was never wants to be nasty to Steven.

Afterwards, Steven says to Ash and Helen: "I don’t like the way the house is turning in the past few days."

He assures Helen he not pi**ed off about her comments and talks again about being evicted, he says: "I’m going to go in style on Friday."

Meanwhile, the task also exposed Ash as saying: "There’s nothing really to explain, she’s my mate and I find her attractive."

Big Brother Summer 2014

In the evening, Ash and Helen talk about Ash’s quote in the task that he finds Helen attractive and Helen gets embarrassed, to diffuse her embarrassment Ash says: "I’ve just settled for you."

But Ash shows himself to be the kiss and tell sort when Winston let’s slip in front of Helen Ash told him about their kissing.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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