Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 49 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled recap of all the goings on in the BBUK house ahead of tonight's highlights.

Zoe goes to the Diary Room to talk about what the ex-Housemates told the Power Alliance. She says that she has nothing to hide and hasn’t said anything she shouldn’t have. She adds: ‘Don’t be jealous cos I’m sat here with your friends, be nice.’

Steven and Mark talk about the ex-Housemates revelations and their growing distrust of Zoe. Steven says that Kimberly warned him about Zoe before she left the house and said that Kimberly had said Zoe has been put there for a reason, they both agree they are the sort of people who usually take people at face value so have a hard time believing that Zoe isn’t what she appears to be, especially Mark, who says: ‘My head’s f**ked.’ Steven says he can believe it of Pav but not Zoe. Steven says he hopes they’re not barking up the wrong tree and Mark says that Matthew is very perceptive. Mark says about Pav: ‘I’ve been hoodwinked.’ Steven says: ‘It’s going to get right rough in here now.’

The Housemates are split into the Red Team and the Blue Team for the task. The Red team go to the Diary Room and it’s explained to them that for this week’s shopping task, Big Brother is testing whether the Blue Team can be turned into ‘Losers’. Big Brother has secretly rigged all but one of the games in the red team’s favour apart from the final part of the task. Can the continued success of the Red Team make The Losers so annoyed and angry at their failure that they lose even when they actually have a fair chance of winning?

The first stage of the task is Pipe Dream, staged in the garden. The Blue Team are locked away so they can’t see how the Red Team ‘win’ (by doing nothing as the task is set in their favour), they just hear their fake victorious cheers. The Blue Team attempt the challenge not knowing it's impossible. The Red Team win and gloat when the Blue Team return dripping wet. For ‘winning’ this task, the Red Team all get a reward of a spray tan.

The Blue team and the Red team are about to go head to head for their next task, Crack The Code. Both teams have a selection of animal heads, numbered t-shirts and coloured tutus. On each teams letter board is a word with a hidden code. However, there is no code. The Blue team think they must crack the code by finding the correct sequence of all the items. The Red team have been informed that this is in fact, nonsense. Big Brother is making up the scores so it looks like the Red team are constantly winning. The Red team keep on winning the impossible code task, much to the Blue team’s distress. Steven is ready to give up and Pav convinces him to not give up. The Blues get more and more annoyed about not cracking the code, whilst the Red Team coast through.

Mark Chris talks to Helen and thanks her for being so understanding about the Power Alliance revelation. Helen says she was surprised they decided to nominate Ash as she thought Chris and Ash were close.

Pav goes to the Diary Room, where Big Brother asks him how he is settling in. Pav replies that he feels he is settling in but is aware that some Housemates are still wary of him and gives Ash and Winston’s friendship as an example of why he feels like the new kid in school.

Steven talks to Ash about the reason that Chris gave him for nominating him and says: ‘How can they say they’ve connected with me the least?’ Ash says that they did have hard decision to make and that he just thought: ‘F**k it, I’m up again.’ Steven admits that he is ready to go and Ash says: ‘I still don’t want you to go.’

The next task is This Diary Room game which is a buzzer quiz between Red – Ashleigh and Blue – Christopher. The aim of the game is for Ashleigh and Chris to guess which quote can be ascribed to which Housemate. Ashleigh is fed enough correct answers through a secret earpiece to ensure another Red Team victory. Steven predicts ‘It’s going to go off.’

The Red Team win this task and are rewarded with a birthday party for Pav and all the Housemates.

Mark and Helen discuss Zoe in the bedroom and Mark says that he think that Helen is the most high profile Housemate with probably gets the most press attention and that Zoe is aligning herself with her to get attention as she is using Big Brother as something for her CV. Chris says that Zoe can’t afford to be seen as a villain in the house which makes him think the ex-Housemates might have the wrong end of the stick about her. Helen says: ‘They’ve not.’

Winston talks to Big Brother and talks about Pav and Zoe. He says that they are all getting on but the original Housemates still don’t trust them. He feels that they are imposters but thinks that their mutual distrust of them has brought the original Housemates closer. He likes the fact they have kept to themselves the details of what the ex-Housemates told them and feels that they are playing them at their own game.

Zoe quizzes Christopher and Mark on their relationship and asks when it started. Mark says: ‘Since Matthew went.’ He goes on to say that if Matthew hadn’t been evicted he probably wouldn’t have become as close to Christopher as he has.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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