Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood gets exposed in new task

Big Brother Summer 2013

Helen Wood's bitching was exposed in the Big Brother 2014 house last night in a new task.

As part of this week's shopping task, the housemates have been divided into the Reds and the Blues team.

The Red team are made up of Ash, Ashleigh, Helen, Mark and Winston.

The Blue team have Chris, Christopher, Pav, Steven and Zoe.

They have been competing in a series of tasks and one of them was called Housemate or House-hate

This Diary Room game was a head to head quiz on the buzzer with housemates as the answer. e.g. Which Housemate said Steven and Kimberly “might be a fauxmance?”

Big Brother Summer 2014

Some of Helen's quotes included saying: "I was very wary of Zoe, she did cast her opinion n Steve and Kim's relationship very quickly."

And she was also exposed as saying of Steven: "He thinks he's dead unpopular, he's done it to make people laugh but in a jokey way, he's ding for the public to like him so much."

Helen claimed: "Who have I said that about, I haven't even said this? I have never said this. I swear to God I have never said that."

Steven told her: "I'm really shocked by that."

Despite there being some 42 cameras in the house, the walls and ceilings being coated in microphones and of course each housemate also having their own personal mic, Helen insisted BB had got it wrong.

"They can't do that to me! I haven't said, I haven't said it!" she protested. "I wouldn't f**king do it."

Big Brother Summer 2014

Steven told her: "I dont want you to be upset."

Helen continued: "I haven't said those f**king things.

"F**king tramp, I would never ever say that. I'm f**king fuming, I've never said those f**king words."

The task and fallout will air in tonight's BB highlights from 10PM on Channel 5.

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