Big Brother 2014: Tears as nominations and Power Alliance are revealed

Big Brother Summer 2014

There are tears on tonight's BBUK as the Power Alliance comes to an end.

This evening sees Ashleigh, Chris and Mark revealed as the secret Power housemates as they nominate a further two people for eviction, choosing newbies Zoe and Pav.

Chris and Ashleigh talk to Pav, Zoe and Winston about their decision and tell them they had to trust the ex-Housemates, who had returned to get them advice.

Ashleigh cries as she tells Winston she wouldn’t nominate him as he defended her.

Meanwhile, Steven asks Mark why he was nominated and Mark says that he wasn’t in the Power Alliance when the decision to nominate him was made.

Mark says he didn’t want to nominate the new Housemates straight away because they had only been in the house for a very short space of time.

Ash says that he doesn’t think that the new Housemates have more right to be in the house than they do. Mark then tells the group that Matthew said the new Housemates were ‘snakes in the grass.’

Helen comments that she thinks Chris is a game player before moving on to target the newbies after hearing the comments from the evicted housemates: She gets up and goes to the living area, walking into a conversation between Ashleigh, Mark and Chris and Pav.

She gets Pav to leave and then instructs the others not to give away anything of what they learned from the ex-housemates, especially to Christopher as he is a nightmare and will just go blabbing. She says they need to remember to keep it about the original housemates

Later, a teary Ashleigh tells Ash that nominating him was the hardest decision and that she thinks he deserves a place in the final.

Finally, Chris goes to the Diary Room and gets emotional talking about the decisions he has had to make and says: "I’m proud to be around these people, Ashleigh is astonishing as is Mark."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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