Big Brother UK: Evicted housemates return (and cause trouble!)

Big Brother Summer 2014

Three evicted Big Brother housemates return in tonight's show for the latest nominations twist.

The Power Alliance are called to the Diary Room to make their next nomination. To help them make their decision they talk to ex-Housemates, Biannca, Danielle and Matthew via screens.

Biannca says: "Don’t trust Pav, he’s not genuine and will f**k you over just to get to where he needs to be. He likes Ashleigh, everyone else he doesn’t like. He’s definitely playing a game."

Danielle tells the group: "Pav, you have to watch out for Pav, He’s a serious game-player, he knows exactly what he’s doing , he’s in there to win! Anything you say to him he will go and tell other groups.

"Zoe, she knows reality TV inside out, she’s got a massive fan base and knows what she’s doing and is playing up for the cameras, don’t trust her.’

Matthew explains: "Listen to me carefully, Zoe and Pav have watched the show, they know what’s going on. They are both snakes in the grass OK. Pav has a psychology degree, he’s sitting in the back watching everyone, watch out for him, Zoe as well, she knows what she’s doing, she’s befriending Helen, don’t trust either of them. You need to save Christopher, he’s a genuine friend to all of you, Winston – He’s not as stupid as he looks."

The trio's comments, especially about the new housemates, cause friction in the house.

Mark goes to the Diary Room and is a bit unsettled by what the ex-Housemates have told him, especially if he finds that Zoe isn’t what she seems.

He says: "Maybe she’s just pretending to be on my mental level."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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