Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 48 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a recap of tonight's latest Big Brother 2014 highlights.

Ashleigh’s Power Alliance with Chris and Mark is going strong and together they have nominated Ash and Steven for this week’s eviction.

Ashleigh goes to the Diary Room to talk about her position as Power Housemate. She says she feels bad about nominating Ash but couldn’t nominate Christopher as she feels he needs a break from it and although he handles it well it does bug him but he’s good at not showing it.

Mark and Chris talk about how they are going to explain their decisions to the other Housemates and that they don’t want to handle it like Toya did. Mark thinks they should diffuse the situation before ‘it kicks off’. Mark says that he couldn’t put Christopher up as it would make him feel like a ‘Judas’. Chris says that this late in the day they need to be worrying less about stuff like that.

Mark and Zoe sunbathe in the garden and they bond over their opinion that all you need is a golden tan, a strong eyebrow and nice hair. Mark says he can take on the world as long as he has these things.

Winston entertains the Housemates by singing his version of ‘Sk8er Boi’ by Avril Lavigne in the garden.

Chris and Ashleigh tell Mark that they have to nominate two more Housemates. Mark is visibly shocked as Chris explains why they have decided on Pav, they talk about the effects being up for nomination again would have on Christopher. Mark has to run off as this has given him a ‘nervous bowel.’

The Power Alliance are called to the Diary Room to make their next nomination. To help them make their decision they talk to ex-Housemates, Biannca, Danielle and Matthew via screens.

Nominations are on the Housemates mind’s as they sit in the garden. Helen says she is so relieved that they don’t have to nominate this week and says that she hopes it is now all in the public’s hands.

The Housemates discuss nominations in the garden and Ash seems a bit confused, he says: ‘I’m a nice person but I get bloody booed.’ Chris says that on the flip side he did nothing last week to get the cheers from the crowd. Steven helpfully points out to Chris that people who don’t say or do anything in the house tend to get cheered

Ashleigh and Chris talk about Steven’s comment earlier in the garden that people who don’t say or do anything in the house tend to get cheered, as it was pointed at Chris. Chris is annoyed and says: ‘I’ve never met anyone more boring than that man, he’s a mug.’

Steven says to Ash that he is not longer wary of Chris and that he likes him.

The Power Alliance talk in the kitchen and Chris says to Mark that if they put Zoe up for eviction and she’s really that popular with the public she will be safe.

Helen goes to the Diary Room to talk about Zoe. She says: ‘Zoe is lovely, she’s a very sweet girl and has settled into the house perfectly.’

Ashleigh goes to the control room to talk to Iris. Ashleigh then announces that their fourth and final nomination will be Zoe. She explains that she couldn’t nominate Christopher as he is a loyal friend and neither could she nominate Winston as he was one of the only people who defended her during her trouble with Helen.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to announce that the next Housemate to fall victim of the power is – Zoe. As a shock Big Brother also announces that there has been a Power Alliance in the house and all three members look shocked at this revelation and are told to stand up one by one to the horror of the rest of the Housemates. Helen says: ‘I thought it was happy families, what a load of s**t.’

Big Brother then asks the nominated Housemates to stand up and tells them that they have a chance to save one of them from facing the public vote and to pick one of the Power Alliance to take that Housemates place. They save Ash and replace him with Ashleigh. Ashleigh says: ‘I knew it was coming.’

Big Brother then tells all the Housemates that the Power Alliance has been disbanded and that the power has gone from the house (for now!).

Some of the Housemates are struggling to understand the decisions of the Power Alliance but Helen says she is not sticking her nose in and Christopher agrees that is the right thing to do.

Zoe goes to the Diary Room and confesses that the fact that Steven wanted to save her over Ash means a lot to her.

Christopher talks to Winston about recent events and says: ‘I don’t know how I feel about it.’

Pav wants answers from Mark and tells him that since Mark divulged what the ex-Housemates told him that Steven and Helen are being cold with him. Pav says that he needs to ‘act appropriately.’

Pav talks to Zoe about what Mark has been saying regarding the ex-Housemates advice.

Helen talks to Winston and it would seem the distrust of the new Housemates has started in earnest, she says: ‘As if they have been put in here to have a nice time ad we never predicted it!’ She goes on to say: ‘The trouble makers are here!’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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