Big Brother 2014 news: Secret shopping task with a twist!

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This week's Big Brother 2014 shopping has is fixed, as the housemates' competitiveness is put to a test.

Nasty Big Brother is putting on another one of its social experiments as it attempts to see just how losing will effect housemates.

This morning the housemates awoke to find the house had been split into two halves: Red and Blue.

Later, the Housemates were divided into the Reds and the Blues team.

The Red team are made up of Ash, Ashleigh, Helen, Mark and Winston.

The Blue team have Chris, Christopher, Pav, Steven and Zoe.

Over the next two days, the teams will take part in a series of wacky and bizarre challenges.

But the Red team have been secretly told by Big Brother than the tasks are fixed and that, however hard the Blue team may try, the Red team will also win.

In order to pass the secret shopping task, the Red team must convince their Blue rivals to give up and that they can't possibly win.

If they succeed it'll be a luxury budget for the whole house but failure means another week on basic rations of rice and chickpeas.

Amongst the tasks is a Diary Room game which will see a head to head quiz on the buzzer with housemates as the answer. e.g. Which Housemate said Steven and Kimberly “might be a fauxmance?” The winner will be fed certain answers through a secret earpiece, ensuring their victory.

For each task the Red team 'win', they'll be rewarded with luxuries including spray tans and parties.

BB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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