Big Brother 2014: Latest Power nomination announced to house

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother this evening delivered the latest Power Alliance nomination to the house.

Power leader Ashleigh and her current alliance members Mark and Chris were earlier called to the Diary Room. Whilst there, they were informed that three of their ex-Housemates were willing to offer up their advice on who else the Power trio should put up for eviction.

One at a time Biannca, Danielle and Matthew entered the Small Task Room. Each was wearing a hidden earpiece and was able to hear Ashleigh and her accomplices in the Diary Room. Ashleigh, Mark and Chris were be given one minute with each ex-Housemate.

During the talks, Danielle warned the group: "You have to watch out for Pav, he's a serious game player. Ashleigh, he's infatuated with you. Watch your back, he is in there to win. You need to watch out."

She added of Zoe: "Don't trust her, she knows what she's doing. She's paying up to the cameras, put them both up."

Ashleigh reacted: "I will not be sitting near Pav again."

After the discussions with their ex-Housemates, Ashleigh, Mark and Chris chose PAV as the third Housemate to face the public vote this week.

Moments ago, Big Brother gathered the housemates to reveal the news: "The next housemate to face this week's eviction is... Pav.

"Pav, you will going Steven and Ash and face this week's public vote. That is all."

"Cool, I'm fine, I'm absolutely fine," Pav reacted. "Let the games begin. Told you I wasn't the power housemate!"

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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