Big Brother 2014 evicted housemates return for new twist today

Matthew Davies.

A selection of evicted Big Brother 2014 housemates will return to the house briefly today.

Today, power Housemate Ashleigh Coyle, along with her accomplices Mark Byron and Chris R Wright, will be faced with more decisions to make.

Ashleigh, Mark and Chris will be called to the Diary Room. Whilst there, they will be informed that three of their ex-Housemates are willing to offer up their advice on who else the Power trio should put up for eviction.

One at a time Biannca Lake, Matthew Davies and Danielle McMahon will enter the Small Task Room.

Each will be wearing a hidden earpiece and will be able to hear Ashleigh and her accomplices in the Diary Room.

Ashleigh, Mark and Chris will be given one minute with each ex-Housemate. They can ask these ex-Housemates for advice on who else they should put up for eviction.

The ex-Housemates will also be able to offer their advice on what they have seen since leaving the House.

Later today, all the Housemates except for Steven Goode, Ash Harrison (already nominated) and Helen Wood (immune) will be given the chance to plea as to why they should not be put up for eviction.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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