Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 46 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

In tonight's BBUK highlights the remaining housemates take part in a battle of the bands.

Later today the Housemates will be headlining their very own festival, Bruvstock. In the Diary Room, an excited Mark tells Big Brother that the task looks “so much fun” and goes on say, “I would love a long black straight wig with a headband and some John Lennon glasses…”

Last night, Helen and Ash were intimate under the covers. In the kitchen, Steven talks to Ash and asks for “a full update immediately!” Ash assures that they are only friends but Winston suggests that they will end up getting married. Ash denies this “one million percent” and says, “it’s not a f**king relationship…we just had a f**king snog!”

For today’s task, Big Brother put on its own music festival, Bruvstock, with the Housemates becoming the headline acts. Mark and Zoe are chosen as the ‘front men’ and choose who they want in their band. Pointedly, Mark doesn’t choose Christopher, leaving him a little dejected on the sidelines.

Mark, Helen, Winston, Chris and Steven become The Bi*ch and the Boys and will sing Mr. Brightside, while Zoe, Ashleigh, Ash, Christopher and Pav become 1BV and will sing You’ve Got The Love

Chris and Zoe put their professional training to good use and attempt to teach the other Housemates various vocal exercises and dance moves…that they struggle to follow!

Meanwhile, an irate Mark overhears Zoe practicing and comments that “She’s giving it f**king Mariah Carey’s in that room…Whitney Houston’s reborn and she’s in the f**king living room. I’m fuming…this isn’t funny!”

The first band to perform is 1BV. As Zoe takes the lead vocal, Steven remarks that they “are going to get whipped” but Chris insists “we all sing though…” with Helen adding, “I think ours is f**king good!”

Next to perform is Bi*ch and the Boys who put on a “mesmerising and energetic” performance but their vocals leave a lot to be desired

The Bi*ch and the Boys are crowned overall winners and will be rewarded with a VIP after party. Big Brother informs them that they can invite two more ‘groupies’ to attend the party and they choose Ash and Zoe, meaning only Christopher, Pav and Ashleigh won’t join them.

In the kitchen, Ashleigh moans to Chris after she wasn’t chosen to join the VIP after party and snaps, “I put in loads of f**king effort…I deserve a party!” She goes on to discuss Helen, who she overheard influencing who went to the party and says, “I was going ‘shut the fu*k up you di*k’…she hasn’t changed since day one”

Despite not being chosen to join Mark’s band or the VIP party, a cheery Christopher tells Big Brother that he thought Mark “looked pretty amazing” on stage and goes on to describe him as a “probably the funniest person I’ve met in my life” When asked how it feels to be on the losing team, Christopher says that he feels “a little bit gutted” and goes on to explain that Mark doesn’t like to share his feelings, adding “he’ll do everything he can to distance himself from me romantically…but it would be nice to know he wanted me to be there.”

While the majority of the Housemates enjoy the VIP after party, Ashleigh, Christopher and Pav talk in the House. Christopher asks if the winning team “even considered inviting me?” and seems satisfied that Mark and Chris did. Ashleigh’s still not happy and mimics Helen saying “’she doesn’t even drink’…she wants to be Zoe’s best friend”

Housemates are playing a game of I Have Never. After Winston says that he has never had the Power, Christopher leaves to find Mark, closely followed by Ashleigh who explains she is potentially leaving the game, laughing as she goes. A quizzical Helen observes.
Chris talks to Big Brother about the new Power Housemate, likening some of the Housemates to swans, and says, “Those people who you think are the most protected and innocent and special people here…are absolutely crapping themselves”.

Ash and Steven are talking about Helen. Ash says, “I feel like it’s just the same… We’re just like mates but then we just ended up kissing somehow…I always thought she was attractive”. When pressed on whether he could get into a relationship on the outside world with her, he says, “No comment…it kind of happened and it was decent, so then it happened again”.

Helen speculates that she could be leaving on Friday if her position to the final is taken from her. The conversation moves on to who she would give the Power to and Helen says of Ash, “I would give it to him any day, to make sure he was in the final” and continues to explain that it would depend on the situation, but ultimately if she had a choice to give her finalist away it would be to Ash or Steven.

Ashleigh talks to Chris about Helen and says she hopes her earlier conversation backfires on her and “whoever it is f**king takes it off her.” Chris adds that Helen is her “own worst enemy”.

While some of the Housemates speculate that the public may have the Power, Pav predicts that one of the Housemates already has it.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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