Big Brother 2014: Tamara Stewart-Wood 'bullied' off the internet

Tamara Stewart-Wood (Big Brother 2014)

Former Big Brother housemate Tamara Stewart-Wood has claimed she's been driven off social media by trolls.

Although we expect by now even the most hardened BB fans may be asking 'Tamara who?'

The first evictee of the series was booted out over a month ago now, but is still hitting the papers.

However with Danielle McMahon (who she branded a "slut") now out of the house it seems she's got to talk about something else now to get herself some column inches.

"I took myself off all social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter," Tamara said today.
“I felt people were abusing me, calling me this, that and the other and I just felt like, ‘You don’t even know me, I’m a normal person just like you’.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper today, Tamara explained: “It can beat you down, and I just got to the point where I was so upset about everything. People sat there all day long on their Twitter abusing me.

“People were being nasty and quite vile and I felt it was completely unjust. I felt like I’ve been given a bit of a battering.”

We can't help but feel there's a slight bit of irony here, given Tamara's just as nasty and vile comments about some of her ex housemates in the media since leaving.

And on that note, Tamara had some yet more harsh words for "liar" Danielle, saying: “She is the epitome of a ‘wannabe’.”

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