Big Brother 2014: Chris R Wright gets mad with Helen Wood

Chris during task (1)

The usually timid Chris R Wright was close to losing it with Helen Wood in the Big Brother 2014 last night.

It followed a chat amongst the group in which they speculated about Helen's pass to the final.

And it seems that some of Helen's comments about who she would (or rather would not) give her pass to the final to if she had the chance cause some issues.

"She's just an absolute **** sometimes," Ashleigh Coyle bitched to Chris in the bedroom. "I just got up an walked away."

"She's unreal," Chris declared. "She's her own worst enemy that girl. It drives me nuts."

"She doesn't f**king deserve it, she still doesn't deserve to be there," Ashleigh replied.

Chris got angry: "Look how many people in this house who have no good reason to be her friend or try, myself included, yourself included, not one single f**king good reason.

"We've made the effort, bothered with her, gave her the time of day yet she just carries on like nothing's f**king happened.

"She's given people out there a reason to take it off her," Ashleigh said, adding: "She's trying to come across threatening so people will be afraid.

"I wouldn't want it, I'd be embarrassed to leave this show and say I've been finalist from Day 1."

Chris agreed: "It'd be a hollow victory to win this like that."

Meanwhile, Ash Harrison was outside in the garden but he had much nicer things to say about Helen in a chat with Winston.

Following last night's fumble under the bed sheets, he admitted: "I always thought she was attractive... she's just my mate, but I find her attractive... I wouldn't do anything more than kissing her."

Watch Chris and Ashleigh's Helen rant below...

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