Big Brother 2014: Danielle McMahon explains naked webcam pictures

Big Brother Summer 2014

Evicted Big Brother 2014 housemate Danielle McMahon has tried to explain THOSE naked webcam pictures.

After insisting that there was noting dodgy or sexual about her webcam work, Danielle has had some tough questions to answer now she's outside the outside the house.

Snaps of her topless on webcam have been 'doing the rounds' online over the past week but she insists that they've been leaked from a private chat.

"I've never stripped on webcam, I've worked on webcam but it's not adult chat," she insisted.

Speaking about the topless pictures, Danielle claimed: "I've not seen these pictures, but maybe it is something private that leaked out."

Speaking after her exit on Friday night, Danielle admitted: "In terms of a gameplan, I decided not to mention my career, because I would be judged.

"The industry I'm in, it's tough at times.

"When you have bills to pay and food to put on the table, you take on jobs that you don't necessarily want to shout about from the rooftop."

And as for those saucy interviews with the lads mags, Danielle explained: "The lads' mags change your wording.

"They don't want a girl that doesn't want to talk about sex, the readers want to know these things so it's all over-exaggerated."

She insisted: "[Being a virgin] That's all still true! I'm not bad-mouthing lads' mags but they build you up as a fantasy.

"I'm just paid to do it, it's my job, but my career and personal life are completely separate."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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