Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 45 recap and highlights

Ash during task

Here's a spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2014 house highlights.

The Housemates wake up for the first time since Armageddon ended and the House is back to normal. Big Brother then calls all the Housemates to the seating area and announces that Kimberly will not be returning to the House. Everyone is visibly shocked and Steven comments, “Poor cow”

Pav, Ash, Ashleigh and Mark are talking about Kimberly in the garden. The conversations moves on to whether Steven will walk now that Kimberly has left. Mark says, “Nobody should walk…not for somebody else. It doesn’t matter how close we get to people in here…we still walked in the doors on our own and we’re all going to walk out the doors on our own”

For today’s task, the Housemates compete against each other in a game of Copy That. They are split into two teams; Team A: Helen, Ash, Ashleigh, Zoe and Steven, and Team B: Mark, Pav, Chris and Winston. Christopher acts as referee and will decide which team wins each element of the task:

First up, Steven attempts to copy Winston who waxed himself, sprayed his chest pink, hula hooped and covered himself in baby oil. Steven takes things a step further and shaves off some of his hair, much to the amusement of his fellow Housemates including Ash who remarks that “he’s lost the plot!”

Helen and Pav have to identify the most two faced Housemate and they both choose Chris. Helen says that “I’ve watched him sl*g people off and I know he’s sla*ed me off in the past”

Ash and Chris then have to eat a selection of items including dog food, jellied eels and butter. AS they try to hold the food down, the rest of the Housemates cheer them on

Team A are crowned the ultimate winners and will be rewarded with a fast food feast later in the day

Following the task, Helen attempts to ‘fix’ Steven’s hair. It seems like a lost cause but, egged on by his fellow Housemates, Steven agrees to get a skinhead despite thinking it makes him look like “a villain”

Ashleigh tells Chris that she’s “in the frame of mind where I’m happy to be here” and goes on to say that it was “a blessing in disguise” that Danielle has left

Mark fishes for a compliment while swimming in the pool. Christopher likens him to a salmon before adding suggestively that they have “nice tasty brown meat”

For winning today’s task, Team A has been rewarded with a fast food feast. Some of the losing Housemates, Pav, Mark, Chris and Winston, join the others in the dining area and help themselves to food. Big Brother then calls them to the Diary Room and, as punishment, sends
hem to the ‘naughty step’ until further notice

In the garden, Zoe talks about her boyfriend while Helen fills Ash in on her conversation with Big Brother.

Ash and Helen talk about Winston, and Helen notes that he can’t sleep and is always “huffing and fu*king gruffing…he’s dying for a girl…he just wants a bird there”

Mark hasn’t learnt his lesson and helps himself to some food in the fridge. After trying to hide from the cameras, Mark is told to return to the ‘naughty step’ where he likens himself to “a very famous man that was incarcerated for a very long time”

Chris talks about Steven, Ash and Helen and observes that they “buddy up” and won’t compliment other people unless they need something. Christopher suggests that they have a “clash of personalities”

In bed, Steven rearranges his pillows to “make a person”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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