Big Brother 2014 news: Copycat battle task recap!

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Yesterday the BBUK housemates split into two teams to take on one another in a series of copycat battles.

In each round, one member from each team would get up onto the stage and try to do something that their rival would not copy.

The two teams were:



Christopher acted as the referee and judge.


Talent – Zoe did the crab. Mark copied it, but didn’t manage to do it properly... TEAM A WON THIS ROUND

Props – Winston waxed his armpit, leg and pubic hair, hula hooped, covered himself in baby oil and sprayed his chest pink. Steven copied Winston but did not hula hoop and shaved some of his hair on his head with clippers, and cling filmed himself, therefore did not manage to copy it. TEAM B WON THIS ROUND

Honesty - Helen and Pav had to say who the most two faced Housemate is. Helen said Chris and explained her reasons. Pav then said Chris and explained his reasons. Christopher decided that Pav was not as honest as Helen, therefore did not copy it. TEAM A WON THIS ROUND.

Freestyle – Mark was told he could do what he wanted on stage, and Ashleigh had to copy. Mark did cartwheels, roly polys, the snake and rolled around on the floor...all whilst speaking French. Ashleigh managed to copy this, but speaking Spanish instead of French. TEAM A WON THIS ROUND.

Gross – Ash and Chris were given an array of items. Ash managed to eat 3 spoons of mayo, 7 pickled eggs, ½ jar of jellied eels, ¾ of a tin of dog food and 2 large bites of butter. Chris did not manage to eat as much, therefore did not copy it. TEAM A WON THIS ROUND.

TEAM A WON THE TASK. Team A (and Christopher) were e given a fast food treat last night

The task will air on tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the task below...

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