Big Brother 2014 nominations: Ashleigh Coyle thinks she'll be out next

Big Brother Summer 2014

Ashleigh Coyle has predicted she'll up for eviction on Big Brother 2014 this week.

The latest Big Brother 2014 nominations take place and - as it stands - there will be no twists.

Although of course we know how much Big Brother loves to change the rules...

Speaking in the house yesterday, Ashleigh said: "I'll be up this is week, I think I'll be up this week Yup, 100%."

Christopher replied: "It's going to be really interesting because I don't know, two new faces, that's totally changed the whole dynamic of the house.

"It's not obvious who people will nominate. I've not got a notion."

Ashleigh revealed: "I've got one but I'm not sure about the other"

After admitting that Marlon made last week "easy", Christopher went on: "I really, really don't know. There's no real way I can pick someone in here without upsetting somebody.

"It's actually at the point and start thinking, they're my mate, I may have to say something bad about them up there. "

He added: "I might just have to sit at the board later and pick the two who I least want to live with. "

And the pair noted the lack of females left in the house following the double eviction of Danielle and Biannca, as well as a unplanned exit of Kimberly.

"If we lose anymore girls, this place is going to go out of the control," Christopher said. "There's seven girls and three girls, it's mental.

"This place would be unbearable if any more went. I wouldn't want to be here. "

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