Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood blasts "ba**ard public" over Biannca Lake eviction

Big Brother Summer 2014

Big Brother housemate Helen Wood blasts the public in tonight's show for evicting Biannca Lake.

It follows a shock eviction by us viewers of one of the three new entrants, before the remaining two newbies Zoe and Pav decided to evict Danielle.

Following the double eviction, Zoe is shaken and says to Helen in tonight's show: "It’s horrendous."

Helen says that she had a feeling that Danielle would go as Mark says to Ashleigh: "We’ll look after you."

Helen seems upset that Biannca has left and says: "Miserable ba**ard public, voting her out."

Later, Ash, Winston and Steven talk about some of the chants about Steven they can hear from the public, one of them being: "Two second Steve."

They take this to be a comment on his sexual prowess but Steven laughs and seems to find it amusing.

In the evening, Zoe says to Ashleigh that they were going to evict her as she wanted to but they have seen great things in her and she could do well if she stays.

Zoe then goes to the Diary Room and has a bit of a cry as she is touched that the she got the most public votes and that Big brother is not a talent show and she is being judged on her personality and not her singing, she says: "That’s an awesome feeling."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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