Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 44 recap and highlights

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Here's a spoiler filled look at tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

It’s eviction day in the Big brother house and the day that three new Housemates need to make their final decision on which original Housemate to evict. It’s also the day after Ash and Helen shared their first kiss.

Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh talk about Biannca’s naked antics the previous night and Chris says: ‘I couldn’t put up with too much of that.’

Ash goes to talk to Danielle after Biannca’s revelations about her during ‘Open Up To Steven.’ He tells her it has been her worst week and things can only get better and the best thing to do is just wait and deal with things when she leaves the house.

Mark and Christopher talk about Danielle and Mark observes that people in the house get confused about what’s fact and what’s not.

Steven and Ash talk about evictions. ‘If I’m lucky, very lucky, I might scrape through.’ He also comments that he thinks that Big Brother will tell the original Housemates: ‘Now you’ve spent a week with your new Housemates, who do you want to keep and who do you want to chuck out the door.’

Ash and Helen talk about Danielle. Helen says that she wants to believe her and Ash says: ‘She’s done something which has been turned into something dead big.’ Helen says she feels bad for Danielle and observes that Ashleigh has ‘gone a bit distant with her.’

Helen and Biannca talk about Biannca’s revelations and she says: ‘You’ve got to be a horny devil if you’re in the sex industry.’

Christopher goes to the Diary Room to talk about Mark. He says that he’s not sure how he feels about the situation. He thinks that they are on the same page but isn’t sure if Mark likes him. He thinks Mark is interested but doesn’t want to push him.

Zoe talks to Steven about his relationship with Kimberly. Zoe tells him that from the outside it does look like he is seeking constant reassurance from Kimberly. Steven says: ‘It’s gone from her trust issue into my insecurities.’

The Housemates are gathered on the sofa for the eviction announcements. First up is the eviction of the least popular new Housemate as voted for by the public. Zoe gets the most votes then Pav so it’s bye-bye Biannca.

Next Emma announces to the house that the power has returned and is in the hands on Pav and Zoe. Emma can hardly be heard over the shouts from the crows of ‘get Steven out.’ Pav and Zoe announce together that they have picked Danielle to be the eighth Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Danielle starts to cry as she takes her dressing gown off and prepares to leave. She says her goodbyes at the bottom and the stairs and leaves the house to boos.

Big Brother announces to the Housemates that they have all survived Armageddon and that Armageddon Week is now officially over and the store room is once again open. The Housemates run into the store room and start to open bottles of sparkling wine.

The two remaining new Housemates pack up and say goodbye to the luxury room and prepare to move in with the other Housemates. They talk about Biannca’s exit and comment that they don’t think her stunt will endear her to the public.

The rest of the Housemates talk about the public chanting at Steven and Helen wonders if it is ‘because he’s sha**ing.’ Ashleigh comments that in these situations it’s usually the girl that get’s the bad name but Kimberly wasn’t there so Steven got the brunt of it.

Christopher and Steven talk about his and Kimberly night time antics. Steven says that he kept things demure and it was under the sheet and at the end of the say no-one in the bedroom knew what was happening. Christopher comments that although he knows that their romance is genuine the public don’t like people having sex on TV and calls the start of their relationship ‘messy.’

Ash and Helen coyly talk about their kiss and the difference between their relationship and Steven and Kimberly’s. Helen says about having sex in the house: ‘What’s the point, you can’t make any noise and you’re on TV!’ She adds: ‘I wouldn’t want to walk out of here if I’d done that, doing stuff like that on TV is just wrong.’

Christopher and Mark get ready for bed. Mark tells Christopher that he has to face away from him while he’s sleeping but then says he is only messing as Christopher tells him to stop barking orders at him.

Ashleigh has lost her toilet guard but quickly finds a replacement in Chris. She calls him her second closest friends and tells him: ‘You always made me a lot happier.’

Steven goes to the Diary Room and says that today has been full of surprises but he feels positive that he’s still here. Big Brother asks him how he feels about the chanting and he says he is taking it light-heartedly. Steven said he really thought he had the potential to go and had even written a note to Kimberly but that he’s pleased and glad he’s still in the house.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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