Big Brother 2014 showmance! Helen Wood and Ash Harrison get snuggling

Big Brother Summer 2014

With Kimberly Kisselovich out of the Big Brother 2014 house, don't worry about a lack of showmances.

While Kimberly and Steven Goode's relationship has been forcibly torn apart, it seems that there's another waiting in the wings in the form of Ash Harrison and Helen Wood.

On last night's show we saw Ash and Helen in bed, discussing the possibility of Ash leaving, with Helen saying she didn’t want to think about it.

She assured him that even if he does go they will spoon again and this led to their first kiss which Ash modestly tried to hide under the sheet.

Following their bedroom snug, the pair continued to be all loved up today with Ash even talking about the prospect of Helen meeting his parents.

But Helen was more worried about her snog on the telly.

She told Ash: "My friends would be so shocked really, it's not like me to do that. I know they'll have watched going 'What she's doing?!'"

Ash on the other hand revealed that as long as he didn't go all the way and have sex on the telly, all was good with his family and friends.

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Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5.

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