Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 43 recap and highlights

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Here's a recap of all the latest Big Brother 2014 house action head of tonight's show on Channel 5.

Ash and Helen make up after their row the night before. Helen admits that she might have been overly sensitive.

Kimberly and Steven are loved up again and have a kissing session while Steven muses over how Kimberly is going to double barrel her surname and his.

Ash and Chris talk about the new Housemates and their effects on the ‘originals’. Chris says that the arrival of the newbies has made him feel so much closer to the original Housemates and he now regards all of them as ‘perfect.’ He says of the arrival of the new Housemates: ‘I didn’t like that, that’s not welcome.’

Steven dons his suit and presents his chat show, ‘Open Up To Steven.’ He interviews the new Housemates to find out more about them. First up is Pav. Steven asks him if he sees any divisions in the house and he observes that Danielle, Ashleigh, Chris and Christopher (occasionally) seem to spend more time chilling in the kitchen that that other Housemates tend to gather in the garden.

Next is Zoe, Steven asks her who she thinks is the least deserving of their place in the Big Brother house, she answers Ashleigh because she doesn’t seem to be having as much fun as she should be having, she says that she should let her hair down more and that if she doesn’t she might kick herself when she leaves. She also says that her role is reigning Biannca in and that she should save herself a bit more and not give everything up front and she also warns Steven about his and Kimberly’s funny business, she says; ‘I don’t want to see you having a bonk.’

Next to come under the scrutiny of Steven is Biannca, he asks her about her claim that she will have sex in the house, which it would seem won’t be with Winston. Biannca clarifies her position to Winston, telling him: ‘I just wanna f**k ya, it doesn’t matter if you’re the right guy or not, I just want to sit on your c**k.’ She also exposes more about Danielle’s life outside the house.

With the end of Armageddon approaching, Big Brother has decided to throw Housemates a party. Since being stripped of all luxuries and personal belongings, it‘s their first chance to let their hair down as the Housemates passed that day’s task they are rewarded with a party. Chris goes to the Diary Room and says that he has never seen people pretending to enjoy themselves with such commitment before and that the house is ‘paranoia central’. He also observes that Helen’s ‘hareem’ are keeping her secret for her but they all don’t mind gossiping about Danielle. Chris says he doesn’t care about Danielle’s private life.

Steven and Kimberly have a heart to heart where he thanks her for making his time in the house so incredible

Ash and Helen are in bed and are discussing the possibility of Ash leaving and Helen says she doesn’t want to think about it. She assures him that even if he does go they will spoon again and this leads to their first kiss which Ash modestly hides under the sheet.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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