Big Brother 2014: Biannca Lake thinks she's 'better' than Danielle McMahon

Biannca Lake (Big Brother 2014)

New Big Brother 2014 housemate Biannca Lake reckons she's better than Danielle McMahon.

In tonight's show, Biannca talks to Helen and Kimberly in the bedroom and tells them that she wants to move in with them.

She asks them if they think that she is wasting her time with Winston as that she asked him if he was interested last night.

Kimberly said he answered in a really fishy way, he didn’t say no but he didn’t say yes either.

Biannca says: "I think I’m better than Danielle."

Helen replies: "You are."

Later, Danielle asks Kimberly if she has had sex in the house and Kimberly says yes. Danielle says she is shocked and that she just doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Danielle says that sex is a big thing for her and Kimberly replies: "Not just for you, it’s a big thing for me as well."

Danielle expresses concern about it being in the same room as her and Kimberly reassures her that Danielle’s comfort is a priority for her.

Meanwhile, Biannca reveals to Stevens that public think that his relationship with Kimberly is a ‘showmance’, but now she has seem them together she doesn’t think that.

Steven says that he thinks he is at major risk of leaving on Friday because of the chanting from the public. He also says that he has changed since being in the house and since his emotional breakdown in week two and no longer feels like a, ‘ruthless businessman.’

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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