Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 42 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

It’s Day 3 of Armageddon Week and the new Housemates are making themselves at home in tonight's BBUK.

Pav talks to Danielle about evictions and the crowd chanting for Steven to be evicted. She speculates it might be because of her relationship with Kimberly. Danielle observes that when the public chant for a Housemate they usually go the following Friday, Pav notices that this didn’t happen with Ashleigh and Danielle agrees that it didn’t.

Steven talks to Helen and Kimberly about Pav and that he gets the feeling that he has made a judgement on him and he seems a bit wary of him and Kimberly says: ‘I think you’re reading into it a bit much.’ Kimberly comments that it’s impossible for them to come into the house and not judge the original Housemates. Kim also comments that she thinks the new Housemates are doing, ‘a lovely job.’

Zoe goes to the Diary Room and Big Brother asks her if the three new Housemates will agree on which original Housemate to evict on Friday, she says, ‘I’m not too sure we’re all going to agree at the minute.’ She also says that her opinion of the original Housemates is changing all the time and will probably have changed another five times by Friday.

While the Housemates sunbathe in the garden, Mark jumps up and announces he has had one of his psychic feelings. His psychic feeling turns out to be that he thinks there will be no public vote this week, that they will all be up for eviction and that their fate is in the new Housemates’ hands. Ash, however, throws doubt on Mark’s psychic ability and says: ‘That’s what I have been saying for the last ten minutes.’

Christopher is called to the Diary Room and told that the new Housemates have chosen him to be their ‘mole’. He wears an earpiece through which the new Housemates can control him and get some juicy gossip. Zoe tells him that the reason they picked him is that they all trust him. First up, Biannca sends him to find out what Winston really thinks of her. Winston says: ‘She’s not really my type of girl to be honest with you, she’s a bit forward. I’d rather do the chasing if you know what I mean.’ Biannca says: ‘T**t.’ Next Biannca sends Christopher to find out what Helen thought of her lap dance last night. Helen says: ‘I love her, I absolutely adore the girl.’ Finally the new Housemates want to find out what Chris thinks of them. Chris says: ‘Biannca hasn’t acknowledged me this morning.’ He adds: ‘As soon as I see someone stirring, it’s too late in the day, I can’t be bothered building a relationship or trying to build a friendship or show respect if you’re not showing respect.’ Biannca says: ‘I don’t like the guy.’ He then says that he thinks Biannca has been bitching with Helen. Biannca says: ‘What you f**king talking about? I haven’t bitched about no-one’

Housemates are told that Christopher has been the ‘mole’ and that he was controlled by the new Housemates via an earpiece. Christopher is rewarded with a delicious lunch with the new Housemates by the pool.

Mark seems worried what the new Housemates heard and Winston agrees as he knows he said that Biannca wasn’t his type of girl. While the new Housemates are having lunch, Biannca shouts over: ‘I’ve been dying to know who I’ve been bitching about.’ Helen seems worried about what Chris has been saying and walks over to him to clear things up. Chris back tracks a little and says that he didn’t use the word bitching and he expresses that he is just worried that they are going to go back to week one when there were lots of different groups. Biannca also shouts over to Winston that she’s not her type and that he should have told her that at the beginning, Winston seems embarrassed.

Biannca and Chris make up in the bedroom and have a hug. Chris admits that he can be a paranoid person and that Biannca has been lovely to him.

Mark and Christopher talk about their relationship and Christopher says: ‘We’ve been good recently. We haven’t been tearing each other’s hair out.’ Mark agrees and says: ‘Let’s just have a ball in here.’ Christopher adds: ‘We could both still be here in a month’s time, anything can happen in a month, we might hate each other.’ Mark says: ‘We could never hate each other.’

For the next part of today’s task the Housemates have been gathered in the living area for, ‘Judgement Time’. The original housemates have to guess answers to questions that were posed to the new Housemates before they entered the house. If they get the majority of the answers right they will get hot water and access to the bathroom.


Pav – Who is the least sincere Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Steven
Correct Answer – Kimberly (Pav – ‘because she started a relationship with Steven even though she had a boyfriend.’)

Zoe – Who is the most sincere Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Mark
Correct Answer – Chris

Biannca – Who is the funniest Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Mark
Correct Answer – Mark

Pav – Who is the most argumentative Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Helen
Correct Answer – Helen

Zoe – Who is the most cringe Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Steven (Steven looks genuinely surprised)
Correct Answer – Steven

Biannca – Who is the most boring Housemate?
Housemate Answer – Danielle
Correct Answer – Danielle

The original Housemates got the majority of the answers correct and have won this part of the task.

In their luxury pad the new housemates are discussing who they might want to evict on Friday. They say their opinion of Steven has changed positively since chatting to him today but they still don’t know much about Kim.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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