Big Brother 2014 news: Task recap! Original housemates triumph over newbies

Big Brother Summer 2014

The original housemates won over the new housemates in Big Brother's latest tasks yesterday.

It was a case of old v new as the two groups competed to win rewards.

Firstly in On The Ledge, Big Brother pitted the New Housemates and Original Housemates against each other to win better lunch rations. The Original Housemates had to try to stay on a moving ledge while the New Housemates used tomatoes, gungey sponges and water balloons to try to dislodge them. Three of the Original Housemates had to remain on the ledge in order to win.

Ash, Kim and Winston managed to remain on the ledge and won better lunch for the Original Housemates.

The in Fool The House, Big Brother had the New Housemates quiz the Original Housemates about things from the outside world. All the Original Housemates had to agree on which statements read out by the newbies were true or false.

The Housemates guessed the majority of the statements correctly and won back a toaster, kettle and a few basic rations to enjoy.

The messages read out and results were..

Big Brother’s Bit On The Side have released an online home workout video using Christopher’s daily exercises. The video has so far exceeded over 500,000 views. CORRECT

A viewer has tweeted the following about Christopher: we want him to turn on our Christmas lights dressed as Santa Claus WRONG

In a press interview before entering the House Steven was reported as saying he would have sex on the show if it helped him win the £100,000 prize CORRECT

Fellow businessman Lord Alan Sugar has publicly declared that he is backing Steven to win. CORRECT

Show bosses have been forced to employ extra security to keep screaming Winston fans – the Winston-ettes - out of the Big Brother compound. CORRECT

A National tabloid has questioned if Winston is the ultimate fame chaser CORRECT

Former Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon has tweeted her support for Mark saying, "Love Mark! He has me in stitches!" CORRECT

A viewer has tweeted the following about Mark: Mark is the biggest game player in the house! He knows how reality TV works and he comes across so fake and insincere. CORRECT

In a press interview since leaving the House, it is reported that evictee Jale has said that Ash is to blame for Helen’s argumentative behaviour. She is quoted as saying ““He’s very manipulative. He brings up issues and eggs her on to confront people”. CORRECT

An Ash calendar has gone on sale due to high demand in the Manchester area. CORRECT

After the trailer of his horror film appeared online, fans of the show have branded Chris “Creepy Chris” WRONG

A viewer has tweeted the following about Chris: Chris is a totally different person in the Diary Room than in the house CORRECT

An Irish theatre company has stated that they want Ashleigh to play the wicked Queen in this year’s seasonal Pantomime. CORRECT

A viewer has tweeted in to say that they will pay £1000 for a lock of Ashleigh’s golden hair. WRONG

Ex-Celebrity Big Brother star Luisa Zissman tweeted “Kimberly has gone down in Big Bro History. Congratulations Babe!” after steamy session with Steven WRONG

A top UK law firm has announced plans to head hunt Kimberly for their London office when she leaves the show. CORRECT

This week, Danielle starred in a documentary aired on Channel 5 called “Webcam Girls: At Your Service” CORRECT

A viewer tweeted the following about Danielle: I’d rather lick a cow’s udder than watch Danielle moping around the house like a doughnut, boring zzzzzz CORRECT

A viewer tweeted the following about Helen: I wish I had a friend like Helen, her advice is always so good and she seems really trustworthy CORRECT

In her appearance on the Big Brother Live Show, Ash’s Mum announced that she has no plans to invite Helen around for dinner. CORRECT

The tasks and fallout will air tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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