Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 41 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's your daily spoiler filled recap of all the goings on in the BBUK house.

The new Housemates wake up to a delicious breakfast of croissants and coffee in their luxury pad. Meanwhile, in the main House, someone has written ‘I’m coming for you’ on the mirror, leaving them shaken. Winston goes on to ask, “Do you think Biannca wrote it?”

New Housemates Zoe and Biannca discuss Danielle and suggest that she is “worn out”. They then discuss “dark horse” Kimberly and Steven and decide that they’re “alright”

Mark tells the Housemates that Biannca’s VT was the “funniest thing I’ve seen in f**king six weeks”.

Steven, Kimberly, Helen and Ash discuss what Biannca told them about Danielle, Helen says that Biannca was talking about her “moralistic bulls**t”. Kimberley suggests that everyone has a front and Danielle’s has “crumbled the most”

Biannca talks to Big Brother and says that Danielle “proper s**t herself” when she saw the new Housemates arrive. She goes on to say that she is “like two different people” and jealous of her coming onto Winston. She tells Big Brother that Danielle has been watching her talk to Winston and says “Oh my god, if looks could kill, she would have killed me.”

Kimberly and Danielle have Friday’s eviction on their minds and discuss who they think will be safe. Danielle reassures Kimberley that she has got nothing to worry about and then suggests that she thinks she could go on Friday

Biannca talks to Mark and says that “Danielle is clearly playing a game” adding that “everything that you think she is, she’s opposite”.

The new arrivals have returned to their luxury pad for some lunch and they discuss the other Housemates. Biannca observes that she’s caught Kimberly “glaring” at her and Pav adds that he’s seen “Danielle and Ashleigh just watching…”

The original Housemates discuss Biannca, and Steven observes that she “epitomises the term ‘what you see is what you get’”.

Ever the wallflower, Biannca jokes with the Housemates, “get me drunk and trust me I’ll f**k anyone!”

Chris notes that “it’s back to square one” in the House, conversation wise. On Housemates having sex in the House, Danielle remarks, “I would just walk out if that was going on”. Ashleigh goes on to question if Winston would sleep with Biannca calling it “dirty, disgusting”.

Mark and Pav talk about the other Housemates. Pav observes that “it feels weird” meeting everyone but goes on to say, “I feel like I’m a good judge of character” Mark tells him, “I think you’ve come in with a bang”.

Big Brother calls the new Housemates to the Diary Room where they must read out statements about the original Housemates. The original Housemates must answer if they think the statements are true or false. During the task, one of the questions is about Danielle staring in a show called Webcam Girls: At Your Service. An embarrassed Danielle admits it’s true but repeatedly says there was “nothing sexual, nothing dodgy” about it. The original Housemates win back a kettle, toaster and basic supplies for answering the majority of the questions correctly

Mark jokes with Chris and Ashleigh about the revelation of Danielle’s documentary and they laugh about the name. Mark quips that he knows somebody who “charges £3 a minute and she doesn’t just stand there in a stable talking in a normal outfit”

Danielle tells the other Housemates about her webcam experience and explains she didn’t do it in lingerie because it’s “far too personal”.

During the earlier task, it was revealed that Luisa Zissman Tweeted about Kimberly in relation to her and Steven. Ashleigh talks to Big Brother and says, “I’d want to shoot myself in the head if I got a Tweet like that from Luisa…did she not think about her family if they’d seen her?”

Danielle talks to Kimberly and Steven about her documentary and claims that she was on the show to give her opinion on girls that undress for cameras. An irritated Kimberly says, “I did that for Playboy!”

Danielle talks to Big Brother about the earlier task and says, “I just went horse riding in my jodhpurs!”

Big Brother 2014 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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