Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood and Biannca Lake get bitchy together

Big Brother Summer 2014

Things got bitchy in the Big Brother 2014 house last night after the latest task.

It follows Big Brother stirring things up last night in a task which saw the housemates given snippets of newspaper and website reports from the outside world.

One of them exposed Danielle McMahon as a webcam girl, although she insisted to the group: “There’s nothing sexual, there’s nothing dodgy, nothing dodgy!”

It led to 'upfront and say it to your face girls' Helen Wood and Biannca Lake confronting Danielle.

Actually, no, it didn't: They just went to the toilet and bitched about her instead.

"I know she's not a virgin," Helen declared. "People have argued with me, I've been like 'She's done this, she's done that'."

New housemate Biannca hinted: "I want to tell you so much about her but I can't."

Helen replied: "Don't tell me, I'm not stupid . What pisses me off is, in an argument I had with her, she told me to get some class, at least I don't pretend to be something I'm not.

"I've literally done everything under the sun, I've worn the T shirt, one thing I'll never do is turn around and say 'I've never done that'."

Helen blasted Danielle's close-mindedness and said: "I don't care what people are doing, people can sleep with whoever they want."

Biannca added: "I don't know why shes pretending to be someone she's not, I don't get it."

Helen concluded: "It's pathetic."

> Big Brother 2014: Danielle McMahon exposed as 'web cam girl' in task

The task and fallout airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 as Armageddon week continues.

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