Big Brother 2014: Danielle McMahon exposed as 'web cam girl' in task

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Danielle McMahon and Steven Goode have been exposed on Big Brother 2014 in a task.

Yesterday the Old housemates and New housemates took part in a game called 'Fool The House'.

In the Diary Room, the new housemates read statements about the Original Housemates from newspapers, websites, Twitter and more.

Watching on the plasma in the Living Area, the Original Housemates had to decide if the statement was True or a Lie. They had to all agree and indicate their decision by flipping voting panels which read either TRUE or LIE.

Steven was the first in hot water after a report was read out quoting him as saying, before entering the house, that he'd have sex inside to win.

At first Steven denied saying it, then suggested he only said he'd have sex in the house, but eventually decided to claim he didn't remember saying any of it all.

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Things then took another interesting turn as Kimberly's night of passion with Steven was revealed to the whole house, via a Tweet from Luisa Zissman.

"For f**ks sake," the American complained.

Fortunately for Steven and Kimberly, Danielle took the heat off the pair after news of her webcam history was revealed.

"There's nothing sexual there's nothing dodgy, nothing dodgy!" she insisted.

But the boys - perhaps having at times been at the opposite ends of the cameras themselves - weren't buying it.

Ashleigh Coyle and Christopher Hall defended Danielle in front of the group

The Glasgow model later told them: "I don't want you getting the wrong idea with that webcam thing. You get different levels of webcam, from normal chat to lingerie or weird fetish things.

"You can just do it normal clothes. You can see it when you get out.

"If it wasn't for the money, I'd have probably said no, but they depicted me in the way that I wanted to. They didn't cut any of the stuff."

danielle sex chat line imogen

The good news for the housemates was that as they correctly identified the true and false statements the majority of times (including Steven and Danielle's) they won back the toaster and kettle to enjoy.

Watch part of the task below...

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