BB 2014: Danielle McMahon not happy with back penis


Big Brother UK's Danielle McMahon gets angry on tonight's show, first with Big Brother and then the other housemates.

For this week's task, housemates have been put on basic rations and during a cold tinned food lunch.

Danielle remarks that she doesn’t feel good and comments that the food is “just awful” before storming to the Dairy Room.

She speaks to Big Brother in a Nikki Graham style rant: ​“I don’t care what it is, I’m not eating it. Why would you expect people to eat cold food out a tin? Explain that to me, why would you do that, why?

"Even if this was the ‘end of the world’ which is just a stupid, stupid theme in the first place because the end of the world wouldn’t even look like anything you’ve got downstairs in the first place. Even if you had that you’d have a Bunsen burner to heat your food up.”

Later on and Danielle gets more wound up as in the garden, Marlon puts sun cream on Danielle’s back.

Danielle asks, “What the f**k have you just done? If you’ve put a penis on my back, I will rip you up!”

Marlon explains that he has drawn a smiley face but Steven jokes that it “could be a penis” and Danielle freaks out.

From the sidelines, Ash jokes, “Nice d**k Danielle, it’s got balls and sperm coming out of it” but a bemused Helen adds, “She knows it’s not a f**king penis…she’s got a smiley face on her back…”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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