Big Brother 2014: Rich and poor divide! New housemates live luxury life

Zoe Birkett (Big Brother 2014)

The Big Brother 2014 housemates have split into the have and the have nots for this week's Armageddon twist.

Yesterday the housemates were stripped of all food and luxuries by Big Brother, including electrical appliances and even the sofas.

They were given cold rice pudding for breakfast and had to scavenge for tinned vegetable rations throughout the day.

Last night's live show saw three new housemates entered and they're not living a life of luxury.

Well, luxury by Big Brother standards anyway.

While the old housemates have once again been eating cold rice pudding while dressed in Big Brother's rags, the three newbies - Biannca, Zoe and Pav - have been treated to a slap up continental breakfast in what has become the luxury pod.

In the bedroom as they munched on strawberries without the other housemates, the new three discussed their first impressions of the group, and they were mixed.

All agreed that Danielle and Ashleigh were a bit miserable with Zoe saying there were "no smiles" from either of the pair.

Biannca admitted to getting wound up by an apparently bitchy comment from Danielle, but Kimberly was praised by the stripper.

She said; "Kimberly was really sweet, I was sitting in between them two and they were cool, they weren't that bad. I think Kimberly's a bit of a dark horse though."

Watch the three new housemates below...

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