Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 40 recap and highlights - Armageddon kicks off!

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Here's a spoiler filled recap of all the latest goings on in the Big Brother 2014 house.

It’s the first day of Armageddon week and the Big Brother House has been transformed in to a barren wasteland. The Housemates wake up to find the House has been stripped of everything but the most basic supplies. Christopher remarks, “It’s gone from bad to worse…welcome to hell”

Mark observes that all Marlon does is sleep saying it “drives me nuts”. The other Housemates then discuss who could be up for nomination with Mark saying, “If Steven was up, he’d be out”. They go on to suggest that what Marlon did could have “worked in his favour” and viewers see the rest of them as “haters”. Mark adds that the public don’t see their “emotional connections”

An unhappy Mark comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he’s “really stressed” by the day, “I don’t understand what this is today, it’s driving me nuts…Have you seen the state of me? I look like absolute sh**e…” He goes on to complain that the tinned food was disgusting before adding, “who puts a potato in a tin?!”

Unbeknown to the original Housemates, new Housemates Zoe, Pav and Biannca have secretly moved into a luxury pad attached to the main House.

In the luxury pad, new Housemates discuss what they know about the original Housemates and Biannca tells Zoe that she thinks Winston is “f**king gorgeous” When Pav asks if she would “f**k him” she laughs, “I’m a single girl…get me drunk and we’ll see!”

Big Brother calls the Housemates to the living room and asks Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon to stand up. They are informed that they received the most votes and that Armageddon has hit the Big Brother House. Marlon becomes the sixth Housemate to be evicted. He leaves the House immediately through the Diary Room and the other Housemates speculate that he is the new Power Housemate, as he leaves the House forever

Then later that evening, Big Brother surprises the Housemates again by telling them that they all face eviction this week, with the exception of Helen who has a pass to the final. Big Brother tells them the “party is over” and that three new Housemates will be joining the House

In the Diary Room, the three new Housemates are told that there will be no public vote this week and that they will decide which of the original Housemates will be evicted. They are warned they will “suffer the severest of consequences” if they reveal their task. They then enter the main House where they are greeted with excitement from the original Housemates.

The original and new Housemates are getting to know each other – Biannca asks Christopher and Mark if they fancy each other. Pav talks to the boys about being a new Housemate and Helen and Kimberly warn Zoe about bitching that happens in the House.

Christopher, Danielle and Chris discuss the new Housemates. They all decide that they like Zoe and Pav but question whether Biannca could be a bit full on. Chris speculates that Big Brother wouldn’t put three new Housemates in to stay, five weeks in.

As Mark shows Zoe the pod in the garden, inside the House Christopher tells Danielle “I’m worried I’ve lost Mark now”

Pav tells Big Brother that he thinks the new Housemates will “improve” the House dynamic. On the original Housemates, he explains that “the more I can understand them, the more I can challenge them”

Steven tells the old Housemates that the new Housemates have seen everything that’s happened in the House. Ash observes that “they’re here to stir things up” and Helen predicts that they will “collide like fu*k” and that the “tasks will be brutal”

Winston talks to the old Housemates about his new admirer, Biannca saying, “She’s a bit forward…she’s not really my type of bird, to be fair”

The Housemates joke that Winston is going to get “twa**ed” and Helen remarks that she likes the new Housemates for “how different they are”. They go on to note that “this is going to change everything!”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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