Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 39 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a preview of tonight's Big Brother UK highlights.

It’s the half way point for the Housemates and little do they know the changes Big Brother has in store

Last night Mark and Christopher kissed in the store room. Mark wakes up with a hangover and says he “feels regretful” Ash talks to Chris and observes that Mark and Christopher make an “unlikely” pairing

Mark tells Big Brother that he “was a bit merry last night and by merry, I do mean drunk…I hope I haven’t made a show of myself” He goes on to say that he has “no regrets…I don’t regret anything. I came in here to have a full experience and just throw myself in to it so no, I’m not going to regret nothing”

Mark, Ash and Winston discuss how Helen and Ashleigh have now made up and how their relationship has changed.

Christopher talks to Steven about Mark and admits that “in the outside world we would never have met…I would have thought he’s over the top and would drive me up the wall” He goes on to say that he would see him on the outside but admits that he doesn’t think they will get together and do a “you and Kimberly” in the House. They go on to discuss how Mark is quite closed on certain subjects, such as relationships saying that “there are many things with Mark that are off limits”

Christopher and Mark discuss what happened last night. Mark says that he sometimes forgets that there are cameras in the House and Christopher reassures him that he didn’t say anything wrong

Danielle and Ashleigh discuss nominations. Danielle says, “I know if I’m the only girl up, I’m scre*ed” Ashleigh thinks that you would need to do something to annoy the public to be voted out. When Danielle finishes the conversation abruptly, this visibly annoys Ashleigh

Christopher talks to Big Brother about his relationship with Mark and admits that despite wanting to kill him half the time, there’s something “quite loveable” about him. He goes on to say they are “like an old married couple, long before our time”, noting that Mark “calls all the shots” but adds that he “likes me more than he’ll admit to anyone in here”

Ash tells Helen that earlier Mark confided in him and told him that he and Christopher had kissed last night.

Danielle, Marlon and Christopher speculate that Big Brother will introduce a new Housemate. Christopher believes that any new person would “have to be tough to come in here…this House would plague them. This House would rip them and interrogate them and pull them to shreds” Danielle says that she would be fine with a new person coming in, “as long as they’re not a douche!”

Winston and Mark discuss Marlon and his sulking. Mark observes that he would make sure he was having fun if he’d saved himself from eviction and Winston suggests that it would be better if he just stuck two fingers up and said, “Fu*k it, I’ve saved myself!”

In the garden, Chris sings ‘Blue Moon’ to the sky before joining the rest of the Housemates in the bedroom where they discuss how quiet the House is now there are only 11 of them left. When the lights go out, Mark suggests that Christopher should sleep in his own bed.

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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