Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood's 'prank' ends in row

mark byron

Helen Wood and Ash Harrison's prank on Mark Byron ended in a row on Big Brother 2014 last night.

A bored Helen started the mischief making by deciding to mess with everyone's clothing, before a pair of disgusting *s** t stained crusty knickers" got her attention.

Ash suggest: "Put them on Mark's pillow as he'll react the best."

And he wasn't wrong as a raging Mark complained: "Who the bloody hell did that? Absolutely disgraceful. I'm absolutely raging."

He warned the housemates as Helen and Ash giggled on: "I'm going to go f**king nuts again. Some dirty f**ker has put them on my bed."

Mark later told Christopher who was advising him to relax: "It's not funny. My head is really done in. I am f**king fuming."

He went on: "I f**king hate liars, I've asked everyone in this house and somebody's lied to my f**king face.

"I don't know who would find that f**king comical. Whoever things that's funny needs to go to a f**king doctor."

At this point, Ash piped up: "I thought it was funny."

Mark hit back: "I think you need to go and f**king sort your head out cause it's sick. I think you did it."

"I think you're overeating," Ash replied.

"I think I'm not overreacting , I think it's massively f**king disrespectful."

Watch the prank, dirty knickers and all, below

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