Big Brother 2014 nominations: Marlon Wallen to be evicted?

Marlon 1

The Big Brother 2014 nominations are over and things aren't looking at all good for Marlon Wallen.

Yesterday evening saw the group nominate in the Diary Room, ahead of tonight's Armageddon twist.

While we had been promised live face to face nominations, it appears that Channel 5 has changed its mind.

Big Brother isn't saying exactly what it is going on, but it looks like that yesterday's nominations will be played back to the house today in effect giving face to face nominations.

Whatever happens tonight, things aren't looking for Marlon Wallen after his controversial choice in last week's nominations twist.

Marlon opted to save himself from eviction but at the cost of losing the shopping task.

"I was annoyed by his decision, simply because he had been saved last week and he saved himself again," Christopher complained.

Ashleigh added: "It was the selfishness of it all, he didn't think about the consequences for the rest of the people in the house. It was him being selfish that was the problem.

"No one wants a selfish friend."

"It makes you question things," Christopher remarked.

Danielle however tried to defend her pal: "Over the last few days, I just feel like I've got to know him."

But Ashleigh bitched: "Because he's doesn't have anyone else to be spending any time with.

"I'm not one to be fooled by things like that."

While the trio all agreed that things were getting "back on track" for Marlon, Christopher declared to agreement from both Ashleigh and Danielle: "He'll definitely be up this week, I'll drop to the floor if he wasn't. He's far too easy a nomination for everybody."

Meanwhile, Ashleigh speculated over Steven Goode's boos which see some nominations go his way.

She said: "I wonder what Steven's doing that the public are so adamant to get him out out."

Christopher suggested: "It'll something he's said to Kim that we've not seen."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight, LIVE on Channel 5 with a surprise eviction.

(Unless Channel 5 changed their minds...)

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