Big Brother 2014: Christopher Hall, Mark Byron's romance talk of house

Big Brother Summer 2014

Move over Kimberly and Steven, it's Christopher Hall and Mark Byron's under duvet fumbles that the housemates are talking about this week.

In last night's latest highlights show we saw Mark and Christopher smooching first in the storeroom and then in the bedroom under the covers.

"It’s evolving," Mark told Big Brother in the Diary Room of the pair's relationship.

Speaking to Winston in the bathroom this afternoon, Christopher didn't quite mention what had gone between the two but said: "I don't know ow I feel about Mark to be fully honest.

"Mark doesn't really talk about these kinda things, he just hints about it then leaves it."

He added: "He does look at this sometimes, he'll just invite me up to pillow mountain."

And on the prospect of marrying Mark, Christopher joked: "It'd be the campest wedding of all time, you'd expect Liza Minnelli to burst out in confetti. "

But it seems that despite locking lips things may not be heading quite to plan already, with Christopher revealing he and Mark had ended up ignoring one another in a squabble over tan lines, of all things.

Meanwhile, news of Mark and Christopher's snog spread through the house like wildfire.

Mark had told Ash who told Helen.

Ash laughed: "How funny's that? In the storeroom! Funny that. How did it end up happening? It's mint though, I like that."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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