Big Brother 2014 nominations take place ahead of surprise eviction


The Big Brother 2014 housemates have started nominations today ahead of tomorrow's surprise eviction.

Although Big Brother aren't revealing anything about just what is going on.

While we've been told to expect live face to face nominations tomorrow, housemates have been called to the Diary Room to nominate in private this afternoon.

Big Brother teased in a tweet: "Danielle is in the Diary Room. It's nominations time. All will become clear on tomorrow night's show with the results."

It could just be a round of fake nominations to stop the housemates from speculating had there been no noms today, or perhaps tomorrow's face to face nominations may just involve playing back the clips from today's Diary Room.

With only an hour live show for the usual highlights, plus nominations, the surprise eviction AND three new housemates, Big Brother needs to save time wherever it can.

Although what will happen if more than one housemate has the most votes still isn't quite clear.

Perhaps the housemates will have to chose who to evict between the housemates who end up being nominated today.

And as for just who could be nominated, it's not looking great for Marlon after he was accused of "moping" around the house in self-pity yesterday.

While on the other hand, rivals Ashleigh and Helen have called a truce with the pair bonding after Helen declared: "I’m a bitch and you’re a bitch."

Helen herself needn't worry though, as BB have confirmed she's immune from the nominations and surprise eviction.

The Big Brother 2014 nomination results will be revealed tomorrow night on Channel 5.

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