Big Brother 2014 nominations: Who nominated who? Latest noms!

Big Brother Summer 2014

X has been evicted in tonight's Big Brother 2014 results following face to face nominations in the Armageddon twist.

This evening saw the beginning of Big Brother's week long Armageddon twist and it began with the results of nominations.

As a finalist, Helen Wood could not be nominated, but other than that everyone else was fair game.

Who nominated who?

Ash Harrison nominated Ashleigh and Danielle

Ashleigh Coyle nominated Kimberly and Ash

Chris R Wright nominated Marlon and Steven

Christopher Hall nominated Marlon and Ash

Danielle McMahon nominated Ash and Chris

Helen Wood nominated Marlon and Ashleigh

Kimberly Kisselovich nominated Marlon and Ashleigh

Mark Byron nominated Marlon and Kimberly

Marlon Wallen nominated Winston and Mark

Steven Goode nominated Marlon and Ashleigh

Winston Showan nominated Danielle and Marlon

Therefore the housemates with the most nominations and who would've typically faced the public vote were Ash Harrison, Ashleigh Coyle and Marlon Wallen

But in the twist, the one housemate with the most nominations - Marlon - was evicted immediately.

Catch the fallout on Big Brother tomorrow night (Tuesday) on Channel 5 from 10PM.

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