Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 38 recap and highlights


Here's a spoiler filled recap of all the latest goings on in the Big Brother UK house.

It’s Day 1 of the new task – Planet of the Apes. The Housemates wake up to find that the garden has been converted into a post-apocolyptic world. They are divided into two teams, red and blue with Ashleigh and Danielle captaining respectively. The red teams must stay around the sofas and the blue team the pool.

* Red: Ashleigh, Mark, Ash, Helen, Steven
* Blue: Danielle, Marlon, Winston, Kimberly, Chris, Christopher

The Housemates must scavenge for food hidden in their areas. The food hidden is insects, eggs, fruit, buts and water. Helen is first to eat and insect, which she quite enjoys, Mark also eats an one, remarking that they taste like, ‘pork scratchings’. Both teams managed to scavenge food from around the garden. Most housemates tried the edible insects that were also hidden.

Mark talks to Big Brother and seems sartorially positive about the task. He is quite looking forward to a nuclear disaster as he thinks he looks, ‘cute’, in the outfits. He calls the red team, ‘the northern ninjas’, as it also contains Helen and Ash. He thinks the insects were OK but had, ‘an odd texture’, he did, however, feel that they were looking at him from the spirit world.

The next part of the task involved the teams standing under a large sewage pipe that is pumping out dirty, brown coloured water. Amongst the water, different size fish fall that the Housemates must catch. The Housemates take this task very seriously with Ashleigh rugby tackling Danielle to grab a fish, injuring her knee, and Ash bodily moving Chris from under the pipe. The blue team only get 3 fish but the red team net an impressive 12 fish. Captain of the red team, Ashleigh, gets to pick another two Housemates to escape the wilderness to go into the kitchen and clean up in the bathroom.

Danielle goes to the Diary Room and admits she is really annoyed with Ashleigh for knocking her over during the task. She says she is not going to talk to the red team and she, ‘demands a re-match’.

Danielle gives the blue team a pep talk in the garden. She says of her run in with Ashleigh: ‘Just to clarify, that was my f**king fish.’ She adds: ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong.’

The next part of the task sees the Housemates try and salvage scrap/junk to make a raft that will hold the weight of one team member on the pool for the longest period of time. Ash talk to the Diary Room about the red team’s strategy of barrel and bottle and Winston also goes to Big Brother to say that he thinks that the red teams raft hasn’t enough stability. Ashleigh wins, staying afloat for 5 minutes while Danielle’s raft isn’t sea-worthy and sinks immediately.

Winston remarks to Big Brother when asked how his strategy went: ‘It didn’t go to plan’.

Ashleigh asks Danielle if she really hurt her knee and apologises. Danielle then talks to Marlon and Kimberly about the incident, saying: ‘I’ve got dignity and class, I’m not going to wrestle someone to the floor for a fish.’

The victorious red team are rewarded with a sneak peek of Dawn of Planet of the Apes and a wild party with food and cocktails.

Helen goes to the Diary Room and talks about the fact that she enjoyed spending the day with Ashleigh, that she was a good team player and a good captain and she wasn’t a soft-a**e. She accepts that they will never be best friends but they can ignore their differences.

All of the Housemates are having a drink in the garden, Ash comments the fact they are all getting on is, ‘absolutely fantastic.’ They hear some music from the living area and all head in and have a dance. The song is ‘Happy’ and indeed they all seem to be, so much so that Helen and Ashleigh have a hug. Mark says: ‘Let’s all remember tonight.’

Ashleigh and Helen continue to discuss their relationship with Helen saying: ‘I’m a bitch and you’re a bitch.’ This similarity seems to develop a bond between them.

Kimberley and Chris talk in the smoking area about it being a weird day.

In the bedroom, Steven asks Helen if she fancies Ash. She says no, but he presses on that it’s clear there is a mutual attraction there. Helen says they’re good friends and she would never ruin a friendship. Steven says that Ash knows about her past and still likes here. Helen says he’ll find out even more when he gets out the house.

All of the housemates are in bed. Most are sleeping. Helen and Ash are whispering about what they will do when they leave the house. Helen says she’ll have to deal with a lot of negative stuff when she Googles herself. Ash says Google is just full of negative stuff. Helen says she hope Ash never Googles her, because she would hate that.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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