Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 37 recap and highlights

Big Brother Summer 2014

Here's a recap of all the latest house action in our spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2014 highlights.

Jale talks to Big Brother and tells him that she’s “nervous” about the eviction saying, “the longer you get in here and stay in here, the less sure of yourself you get” She adds that yesterday’s tea leaf reading was “inconclusive” leaving her more confused. Later, Jale and Steven read tealeaves together and think they see the word ‘Chris’ spelt out in the glass

Ash talks to Mark about Steven and Kimberly and suggests that she doesn’t feel the same as he does. Mark says that it’s a “really young thing to do” and goes on to suggest that she is on the show “for the career”, calling their relationship a “showmance”. Ash speculates that Kimberly could be motivated by Steven’s money

Steven asks Kimberly about her time in the Diary Room and whether she said nice things about him. When pushed, she jokingly responds saying, “F**k off, I said nice things about you!” to which Steven replies, “About f**king time!”

Jale and Kimberly talk about what will happen when they leave the Big Brother House. Kimberly admits that it will be “difficult” and says she is concerned about going back to her old home. Jale offers to find her a place to stay as a “back up” to Steven’s offer after Kimberly admits she doesn’t “know what the deal is” before adding that she “has faith in Steven”

For today’s challenge, Winston must eat as many chillies as possible, Mark must put as many pegs on his face as possible and Helen must remove as many balls as she can from a bowl of gunge, using only her mouth. After their initial attempts, Big Brother reveals that the real challenge is to beat their personal best and the Housemates must retake their challenges:

Winston beat his personal best of eating four chillies by eating five in his second attempt

Mark beat his personal best of putting 13 pegs on his face and managed 20 pegs in his second attempt

Helen beat her personal best of retrieving seven balls and managed nine balls in her second attempt

Kimberly asks Jale if any of the Housemates are bothered by her relationship with Steven. They both agree that Mark could have a problem with it and Jale admits that he has said that he knows Kimberly least in the House

Kimberly tells Jale that she wasn’t comfortable when Steven was plucking her eyebrows. Jale tells Kimberly that she needs to tell Steven to respect her boundaries

Steven declares his love to Kimberly in the garden…again. He goes on to say that he feels more comfortable about their relationship on the outside and that after an “unexpectedly difficult week” they “have the rest of their lives to look forward to”

Danielle talks to Ashleigh about her new positive attitude and says “You’re the only person I can be 100% honest with…I am going to miss you greatly…You’re the only consistent person…I’m so proud of you and I love you so much…you’re such an amazing woman” Ashleigh adds that she’s not very good at talking about her emotions but says, “I’ll never be able to thank you enough”

While talking to Winston in the garden, Mark observes that Kimberly is the only Housemate who hasn’t been up for eviction and heard what the public think of her, speculating she could hear boos from the crowd this week

In the living room, Ashleigh says she’s “excited” about the upcoming eviction and that she doesn’t know how she’ll react if she doesn’t hear her name. Emma then reveals that the two Housemates with the lowest votes, and therefore saved from eviction, are Chris and Christopher

Much to the surprise of the other Housemates, the fifth Housemate evicted from the Big Brother House is Jale. Mark tells Big Brother that he’s “sad that’s she’s gone…we’re all going to miss her a lot”, Danielle adds she’s “sad” that Jale has left but “glad that Ashleigh stayed” and Marlon says that “it wasn’t her time to go…I hope and pray she finds what she’s looking for in life…she deserves a lot”

Marlon tells Danielle that he’s “heartbroken” that Jale has gone adding that she “kept him going” in the House

Danielle talks to Helen about Kimberly and questions whether her feelings towards her ex have finished. Helen reveals that Kimberly and her ex slept together a week before they came into the House. Danielle observes that Kimberly “doesn’t wear her hear on her sleeve…and I feel so sorry for him”

Chris and Danielle talk about Ashleigh. Danielle says that “she’s got to try and be nice to everyone” and suggests that the public may love Helen now. She goes on to say that Ashleigh was “gobsmacked” after surviving the public vote

Ashleigh talks to Big Brother about being saved from eviction and says, “I’m pleased I got cheers but I’m not pleased I’m staying…I really wanted to go. I’ve just really had enough in here”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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