Big Brother 2014: Danielle McMahon's game plan revealed

Big Brother Summer 2014

Danielle McMahon has revealed her game plans on Big Brother 2014.

Following a warning from Helen Wood about Ashleigh Coyle, Danielle revealed her eyes had been opened.

But whether she agrees with Helen about Ashleigh or saw straight through her pre nomination bitching isn't quite clear.

Danielle told Marlon: "I've seen a lot of people's true colorus and their perceptions of others and tonight has made me relaise this a game, bring it on, I'm staying here for keeps, I'm not going anywhere, there is no chance I'm going out of here easily."

Marlon didn't seem all too interested as he ate but Danielle was on a roll: "As far as everyone's concerned I'm going to be everyone's friends and be sweet and nice but it is a game at the end of the day. It's a reality TV show."

She went on: "There's two or a maximum of three people in this house I can trust, the other ones as far as I'm concerned can jog right on."

And after Danielle and Marlon agreed that they were 'true friends', she added: "Tonight has made me realise that nice guys finish last, tonight has thrown so many things up in the air. It's turned it around, massively."

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