Big Brother 2014: Bitchy Helen Wood is out for Ashleigh Coyle again

Big Brother Summer 2014

After Ashleigh Coyle remained in the house in last night's Big Brother 2014 eviction, Helen Wood was quickly out to get her up for nomination again.

Despite a rather quiet week since Ashleigh and Helen's big row in last week's shopping task, it seems that Helen is determined to bring it all back up again.

She told the likes of Steven Goode, Ash Harrison and more surprisingly Danielle McMahon: "She was very nasty.

"When I watched it I thought 'Helen, that's how you look hen you say things,' but I say things for a reason, she looked bitter and jealous and that's really ugly."

Helen went on as she tried to turn the group against her: "I'm waiting for Ashleigh to reveal her true colours, she' not a sweet 18-year-old, they don't get put in here, she's nasty and she's got a vicious tongue."

But it seemed that Helen's efforts to smear Ashleigh weren't quite working as Steven and even Ash admitted that they actually quite liked the teenager.

So Helen continued to bring up Ashleigh's age: "She's not 18 and sweet and sometimes doesn't think what she's saying.

"I know what kind of girl Ashleigh is at home, she's very popular gets a lot of attention from friends, a Queen Bee she's quite spoilt and she's come here and she's had a bit of a shock."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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